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Illinois brain injury lawyer

Brain injuries include any serious head injury that results in a lasting mental or physical impairment. A brain injury may result from any type of fall or accident, as well as from acts of violence, sports injury, or improper medical care. If the brain injury is caused by the negligence of another party, the injured victim may be eligible to receive compensation for loss of income, medical expenses, pain and suffering, as well as other damages.


In all of our brain injury cases, the personal injury attorneys of Mitchell S Sexner Associates LLC advance all costs. No attorney fees apply unless we are able to obtain a recovery on your behalf.


Some common causes of brain injury include:

Although many brain and head injuries are the result of auto accidents, brain injuries can occur whenever one's head has suffered an impact. Sometimes, one's brain will undergo a sudden deceleration and acceleration movement without exhibiting any direct trauma to the external head. Brain injuries generally are the result of twisting, bruising, bleeding, or tearing of the brain tissue. Such damage to the brain might occur immediately at time of an accident or may develop slowly over a period of time as tissues bleed and swell inside the head. Such injuries are classified as either closed or open. A closed head injury occurs when the brain impacts against the inside of the skull. An open head injury occurs when the skull is penetrated or fractured by a foreign object.


Just in the U.S. alone, it is estimated that over 1,000,000 people suffer from such head injuries every year. A head impact injury, especially a traumatic brain injury (TBI), may leave the victim completely debilitated and may even cause the victim to go into a coma. Although blunt, sudden trauma to a skull is considered to be the most common source of traumatic brain injury, anoxic brain injury, which involves prolonged oxygen deprivation, may also provoke life threatening consequences. In the case of traumatic brain injury, a victim's brain can tear, swell, and bruise, whereas an anoxic brain injury will cause death of brain cells due to lack of oxygen. Despite the fact that traumatic brain injury remains a more common occurrence than an anoxic brain injury, it is true that both injuries are considered very serious indeed and have very similar consequences.

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